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Volunteer Medical Consultation
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In 19 November 2016, Medical Students Volunteer Team (MSVT) has held a volunteer medical consultation, in the community center of Guangzhou Panyu Nansha district Taishi village. Through cooperation of MSVT, containing members from 2011 Clinical Medicine to 2016 Clinical Medicine students from Jinan University, Jinan University First Affiliated Hospital and Taishi Village Community Service Center, great success have beenachieved. 



Around 50 members of MSVT from International School Clinical Medicine Major students have participated indifferent parts of the consultation. And around 150 local residents have joined the consultation. It is an honor to invite Dr. Guan from Digestive Surgery Department of the Jinan University First Affiliated Hospital to join in this meaningful event.



This free medical consultation and health service activities contained Blood Glucose Measurement, Vital Signs Checking, Medical History Taking and Physical Examinations, and also well-trained First Aid Members were all set inthe site, to provide immediate measures for emergency and accidents. Meanwhile,Dr. Guan has also shared his clinical experiences with the studentsand provided numerous health advices to the residents. This event highly attracted more elderly to join in, and increased the popularity ofthe event. 



All residentsshowed their respect and appreciations for the hard work of volunteers, and most of them gave high commends about the consultation, claiming about the excitement aroused for our next consultation.



After the event, our medical teamheld a brief meeting to share experiences gained this time, and nearly all ofthem believed that it was a great honor to take part in this meaningful activity, and indeed increased their clinical experiences and knowledge in the consultation. Hope that in our next consultation, more people can join in, and have increased sense of taking good care of their health.


Words| Medical Students Volunteer Team, Mai Lixin

Photos|Medical Students Volunteer Team

Editing|Almitra Lee

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