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MBBS Fresher’s orientation
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 College is always a new adventure for every single student who graduated from school. A land where the impossible turn into possibilities, where opportunities come knocking at the doorstep, where one grows both intellectually, mentally and maturely.

Jinan University, Guangzhou not only moulds the students in their education but also trains them to be responsible to their profession both locally and internationally.  

Every single freshman this year might have gone through the same phase of mind the moment they entered china. Anxious about their education and stay in china, exhausted from the 16 hour journey, leaving home,  leaving family, leaving and sacrificing a lot just to pursue their dreams. The students arrived at Guangzhou on the 16th of November 2016. Never did anyone thing that any good could ever come. But to the surprise of all the students, the freshmen this year were welcomed right from the airport by a wide range of senior friends and volunteers which gave the students a sense of love and care at the right time.




Honestly none of the students ever thought that they would get such a treatment right from the airport itself. The one thing that is to be highly praised and appreciated is that all the volunteers were very well organised and knew what to do every time. Most of the appreciation goes, without a doubt to Ms. Neha, who is the in charge of MBBS course in Jinan University. Right from completely helping out the students for lifting the heavy luggage to arranging telephone SIM cards which was already activated, the senior volunteers by all the ways knew what exactly every single student needed. This enabled the students to call their parents instantly and also make them feel much better. It was the senior students itself that made sure that each and every single student was comfortable in their dorm rooms.

The orientation programme was spread for a complete week, which included helping the students with the bank and visa formalities, campus tours, talks with various heads of the department, introduction of the credit system and GPA system, personal briefing with the seniors and several other programmes.

Students were segregated into small groups that were headed by a senior student volunteer from the college who was given the complete responsibility of the students till the classes started. This also gave the platform for the seniors to really emphasise their leadership in them. Throughout the whole orientation, the students were given an opportunity to mingle and make friends with various other senior students. The code of conduct of Jinan University is clearly shown on the approach of the senior students towards the freshmen. Never was there any ragging of any degree despite the fact that each and every one of the students dreaded thinking about it. Having a senior friend to count on is obviously something very needed for a freshman.

Started with the campus tour, the orientation programme ensured that the students were comfortable with the system of the university. This was followed by the medical check-up formalities. What is to be appreciated is that, none of the students had to worry about any of these procedures. The volunteers worked 24/7 ensuring all the paper works of all the students were precisely done.

It was by this time that Jinan celebrated its 110th anniversary. Due to which the students did fortunately get a chance to witness the vivid culture, a colourful gala night, meet the alumni and get to know food of china. Several other meetings, personal times with the other seniors, did bring the students a lot closer to them and also less homesick.




The Orientation Day, a welcome speech was addressed to the students by the Prof. Wang, Dean of the International School followed by Prof. Ethan, Party Secretary, also warmly welcoming the freshmen 2016. The students also had academic talks with Ms. Josephine (Academic Incharge), Mr. Andy ( MBBS Incharge), Ms. Emma (Teaching Affairs Office). They did brief the students about the standards to be complied with in Jinan University. The briefings provided by them gave an outlook of how prestigious Jinan University is and how high are its standard.







One of the best parts of orientation was the Chinese Corner that took place in the South Campus. One of the biggest festivals’ in Jinan University. This was a big time fortune especially for the freshmen. One of the great platform to make friends and get interacted and involved in many ways. The game stalls were remarkable. The ideas brought forth by the senior students during the games as well as the performances were commendable. Filled with all kinds of fun and frolic. For most of the students the best part of the Chinese Corner was the free cycling. It did take them to their childhood memories.




This one week that the new batch of 2016 MBBS got probably would be cherished for a long time. Never did anyone expect to get this kind of treatment and hospitality from the officials, volunteers, and other senior students. The bond that was formed during several gatherings especially during monitor appointment, visa formalities etc., perhaps could be never broken. A large gratitude and appreciation goes out to each and every single volunteer who made it completely easy for the students, who didn’t have to worry about any paper works or anything of that matter.

In a nutshell, the orientation offered them friends for life. Jinan University, a land of opportunities is waiting for every student out there with a dream and aspiration to be someone that they ever dreamed of.

Drafted By: Jomon Philips, MBBS 2016

Revised By: Ms. Neha

Edited By: Almitra Lee

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