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Chinese Corner|A Reminiscence for History
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 On November 20th, Chinese Corner was held by Organization Department ofInternational School League Committee and Student Union between t11 and t12 at south campus. This activity was based on nine dynasties, which were showed by nine majors.



In this happy day, many guests came, including the Party Deputy Secretary of International School, Liu Ming, the Vice Dean of International School, Wu Xiyang, the Youth League Committee Secretary of International School, He Dongfeng, teachers of International School Sun Qiyun, Liu Qian, Chen Hai and other teachers from International School, and we also invited representatives of others schools.



At the beginning, OD’s dance and MBBS’s Indian style performance ignited the passion of the audiences. Then the dragon dance excited all of us. 





Next, FQS showed us the famous story among Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Then, a dulcet song and a wonderful dance from CM uncovered the beautiful veil of Ming Dynasty. After their wonderful performances, CST showed their love for China by the combination of ancient and modern. And CPA reappeared the history of Song Dynasty and some distinguished people, like Bao Zheng and the Yang Family.The following performance from PHA let us learn the culture of Qing Dynasty. 
Next, IET brought us into Spring and Autumn Period. 
And IJ’s funny show of the period of the Republic of China made us laugh. Finally, the shows ended up after FNC’s performance, which focused on Yuan Dynasty.



Meanwhile, students enjoyed the games in every major’s stands. They could vote for the major which they liked when they finished all the games.

 Happy time always went fast. Although Chinese Corner ended this year, we have learned so much from this activity, which strengthened our love for China.




photographer|Yuki Yannis

editor|Arvin, Almitra Lee

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