The students’ Union President and First Deputy Secretary Election
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   International School‘s Students’ Union President and the First Deputy
Secretary Election Debate Assembly was held in Academic Report Hall at
7 PM, on May 22nd.


   After the wonderful speech of Mr. Andy He and Students’ Congress
president Xiao Runyi, the debate began.









   The debate consisted of self-introduction, compulsory question and
answer, group discussion, candidates’questions and answers, audience
questions and answers and conclusion of candidates. Three president
candidates Chan Meiting, Yim Tang Yiu, Chen Ying, and the First Deputy
Secretary Guo Jihong had good performance during the debate. Audience
raised valuable questions for candidates. At last, the assembly ended
in success.Debate Assembly is held successfully.

Written by Shiqi Wang
Edited by Susan Liu,Jiamin Fan
Revised by Karthi

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