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The Selection of the Second Term of the Seventeenth Session of Outstanding Students’ Congress and Outstanding President Was Held Successfully
Author:Qin Shenao and Wang Shiqi Date:30-04-2015 Hits:


  On April 25, the selection was held at the second social science building 316. Member of the Standing Committee, each president of each school students’ congress and some student representatives attended this meeting.Mr.David He and Ms.Susan Liu witnessed the meeting.

  As for the forth to present, the secretary general of International School Students’ Congress (ISSC for short), Jiang Nanjing make both an introduction of ISSC and a summary of last year. Subsequently, the president of ISSC, Chu Qiao make an campaign speech for the outstanding president of students’ congress. Finally, ISSC was awarded the honorable distinction, Outstanding Students’ Congress, with the highest score.


  Chu Qiao was awarded the honorable distinction, Outstanding President of Students’ Congress, with the highest score, either. Wish the International School Students’ Congress make continuous progress in the future.

Written by Qin Shenao and Wang Shiqi

Revised by Karthi

Edited by Susan and Giselle

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