【International Volunteer】Fantasy Journey Voluntary work in Romania--12IET Zhang Linghui
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There are thousands of customs in the world, if you do not walk out, you will never find the fantasy of this planet.

“After flying 18 hours and travelled 4 hours by micro bus, I arrived in Galati finally. That day I ate just a piece of bread and drank half glass of milk in the airplane. I sat on the bus looking at the snow outside the window while being on the bus. Mother always says do not believe in strangers easily. However, I found the beauty of believing others in this country. For example, an old lady treated me a coffee even when we didn’t understand each other. I was happy to see beautiful girls and handsome boys everywhere. This is Galati, Romania, 6.14 p.m. of 21st Jan, 2015.” This was the moment in my friends’ circle two months ago.


We began to work the next day I came here, what I applied in “Let’s go.” Due to the schedule, we had two projects “Let’s go” and “Winter Vitamin” at the same time. We had 7 EPs in two projects, 3 Brazilian girls, 2 Ukrainian girls, 1 Turkey boy and me, only Chinese girl here. We prepared the sessions based on the teaching outline. Usually, we taught students our cultures, English and personal value in primary and middle school. Meanwhile, we also played some interesting games with them. We had 20 hours of teaching every week except the time for preparing session. For me, I introduced a lot of Chinese culture to them. Children were willing to learn Chinese and it was interesting for me to hear their sound to pronounce Chinese. After the session, children always came to take photos and hug us. Happiness was full of me everyday.

In daily life, 7 EPs lived in the same apartment, so we cooked by ourselves. Brazilian girls were very nice and cooked very well. I seldom cooked before going abroad, but I learnt to cook during this voluntary trip. 

This is the first time I had gone abroad and did voluntary work, I felt upset and happy, satisfied at the same time. I shared happiness with other volunteers and knew a lot about their cultures and languages. Once I had bad flu but I still insisted to have lessons with children. Sometimes, we had conflicts in the apartment. However, you should tolerate tears by yourself. And you will find you grow up gradually and become more mature.

Once after the session, the TV studio of the local came to have an interview of us, which was a big surprise to us.

During weekends, we also travelled in Romania. We left the footprints in parliament in Bucharest, castle in Sinaia, Dracula castle in Brasov.


Before attending the Aiesec voluntary work, I have never thought that I was needed by so many kids. I have never thought that I will have friends from all over the world. I have never thought that I can live independently in a strange country. However, after this journey, it was so reasonable that it happened here. This fantastic journey will always have its roots in my mind. All the encounters are nothing but doomed to the reunion after a long time separation

Written by Zhang Linghui

Edited by Andy and Karthi

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