【International Volunteer】GROW IN ROMANIA--12IET Liu Jingyi
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I miss the life in Romania from time to time. When it comes to this exchange, there is no doubt that joining GROW is my most right decision in college.


Honestly, I was not eager for it at the first place. I sent my CV to AIESEC not because of some honorable reasons. It was merely attributed to an advice from my agency, which informed me that volunteering experience could be an added advantage or credit for my master degree. I applied GROW since GROW was recommended by my roommate, and I was too lazy to do the research on other projects. However, after being a member in GROW, my attitude changed radically. I realized how lucky I was to have chosen GROW and to have been accepted by the OC.


GROW is a nationwide youth development program designed to improve the quality of education in Romania. The project addresses high school students, which can be both good news and bad news for me. On one hand, I’d like to be in a program with many high school students in it, because they were at the similar age with me and I could have more fun with them. On the other hand, I worried whether I was eligible to be a trainer for high school students. They were mature enough to have their own discretion, which means they were not easily convinced.


GROW was a big challenge for me. It let me learn more about myself. Meanwhile, it also changed me a lot. I have never considered myself introverted, sensitive or easily anxious until GROW made me realize that. Although it was my most wonderful and meaningful experience, I can’t deny that there was a lot of harsh time due to different cultural backgrounds. I had to fit in if I wanted to finish the project, and I think I did make it. I witnessed the changes that happened to me, and the growth inside me. My attitudes toward challenges, interpersonal relations and personal fulfillment are radically different after GROW. I feel myself more like a college student now.

I have left some regrets there. I know I could have done it better. I could have been more involved than I did. GROW impressed me so deeply that I will surely recommend it to people around me. I know I won’t have the same chance again, but if I need to make a wish, it would be joining GROW again.

Written by Liu Jingyi

Edited by Andy and Karthi

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