【International Volunteer】LIFE IN RUSSIA--12IET Phoenix
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 I’m so glad that I didn’t give up even though there were so many difficulties before I got match. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to meet those precious people and have amazing time with them.

I would like to say that the fifty days in Russia was the most fantastic period of my life. When I first got there, everything was new to me and I was equally excited to enjoy them. But later, when I finished my first school’s classes, I missed my family and friends so much. During the last ten days, I was really sad since I knew I would leave my friends soon, which I hated so much.

I lived with two best host families. We cooked, hung out and had parties together. All of these experiences were so amazing to me. What’s crazier was that I lived with the other eleven volunteers who were from Brazil, India, and Sylvia. It was hard for me to get accustomed living with boys at first, but later I found it was really funny.

Because of their poor organization, I joined two different projects and taught in two different schools, which made me meet different style students and it’s really lucky for me actually. In my first school, I gave presentation about Chinese culture to twenty different classes. Although I only gave them one presentation, when I left the school, they all hugged me and almost cried.

In the second school, I taught them basic financial literacy and helped them to build up the concept of investment. As for them, they presented Russia culture to me, including literacy, foods, music and festivals. All of them prepared so carefully that really make me love Russia. Russian students are different from Chinese students. Although they don’t like to obey school’s rules, they clearly know their goals and always work hard to achieve them.

I found out what kind of life I really want to live, what kind of person I want to be and I also know what I should do next.

The only word I can use to conclude the experience is amazing.


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