【International Volunteer】The days I spent in Indonesia--2012IET Sukie(Liu Xiaoqi)
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 I signed up for the winter AIESEC's overseas volunteer in a hurry. In fact, I was not sure that I could pass the interview. Luckily, I passed the interview by the school AIESEC, and then successfully contacted and passed the interview held by an educational project in Indonesia.


I volunteered to Semarang, Indonesia, to teach elementary students English. And the project name was Sunshine 4, which means that the project helped children like the rays and brightness of a sunshine. It lasted for 6 weeks. When I introduced myself to the students on the first day, they were very excited. But I realized that maybe they would feel boring about the next course. A new topic was provided, but it was more difficult than that in the first week, and I really needed to keep them active and keep the cooperation intact in the class. Fortunately, they studied hard, and participated in my class actively. As compared to other schools, we lacked equipment to show PPT, we just could write on the blackboard. Therefore, in order to help the children to understand better and gain some knowledge, we downloaded a lot of animation videos. Not only could I have their attention to ensure that they could followed me, but also to facilitate their understanding and exercise their abilities to think. Only when they are interested, they can learn something from it. They used brushes to draw what they wanted to be, wrote something to motivate themselves with simple words and so on. I saw that they tried their best to speak incoherent English to show their dreams. They all desired English, and even Chinese. Most students tried to talk with us in English, but actually we really needed the local volunteers to translate. I was very grateful to my team, especially the local volunteers. They often accompanied me to school, showed me around the city, and they were good translator. I hope that I could meet each other in China or other countries in the future.


Every morning I needed to go to the elementary school. And in the afternoon, I went to NGO to take part in another activity. There is a difference between the NGO children and primary school children. Primary school children are more serious, when they study in the class. But in the NGO, I played with the children, and did everything with them. So I thought I was more like an elder sister to help them to learn something through games. The children and our volunteers played games hand in hand, painted, learned other languages, sang together, etc. Thus, the form of NGO activities is more flexible. There were no desks and chairs. All of us sat together on the floor, and it was a good way for us to be closer. Children often sat in volunteers’ arms. Sometimes the naughty ones directly climbed the back of volunteers. Until now, I often miss those lovely children. We did have a lot of good time together, and it will be my memory forever. And I feel very sorry for them when I think of the children crying on the farewell.


I am grateful to the volunteer project. I learned a lot during these days. And I am glad to have many new friends from different countries. Perhaps there will be an action to improve my English, or I can get a certificate to prove my experience, or I have feelings about another country. But I think the best one I got from the project is continuous improvement. In this project, the most I learned are the ability to adapt to a completely new country, a totally different environment, and the ability to embrace the world with a broad-mind, and the ability to meet the future challenges.

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