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Introduction to Sociology
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Introduction to Sociology

Course Description:
The course is designed as a foundation for further study in field of sociology and related disciplines. It equips the student with basic conceptions such as socialization, organization, social group, social interaction, community and so on. These concepts are discussed in the context of both contemporary and historical social theories. Some basic principles such as social control, social change, modernization and social institutions will be introduced to understand how sociologists look at the world, and sociological research methods are introduced to help to learn how sociologists discover the world.

The course will be divided into seven sessions. that is
1. Understanding Sociology
2. Sociological Research and Scientific Methodology
3. The Fundamental Organization of Society
Socialization and the Life
The Family and Social Relationships
Groups and organization
Social Stratification
4. Social institutions
5. Social issue
6. Deviance and Social Control
Nature and types of deviance
Explanations of deviance
Forms and functions of social control
Social control of deviance
7. Social change

Credits: 2

Prerequisite Course: none

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