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Information Retrieval
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Information Retrieval

Objectives and Requirements
This course aims to provide a broad view and detailed knowledge of all key topics in modern information retrieval (IR).  Basic concepts such as retrieval evaluation, query languages, query operations, indexing and searching are introduced.  Some advanced topics including parallel and distributed IR, and multimedia IR are discussed.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1.          describe  the basic concepts and models in information retrieval; 
2.          apply  basic techniques in user relevance feedback, indexing and searching; 
3.          design and build a simple text retrieval systems.  Such a system includes (1) storage of documents (converting documents into vectors); (2) ranking algorithms and relevance feedback algorithms; 
4.          read research papers in this area. 
Retrieval evaluation.  Query language.  Query operations: user relevance feedback, automatic local analysis, automatic global analysis.  Indexing and searching: indexing method, searching method. Parallel and distributed IR: MIMD and SIMD architectures, collection partitioning, source selection.  Multimedia IR: models, query language. Searching the web, libraries and bibliographical systems. Digital libraries.

Credits: 3
Prerequisite Course(s): Database Systems.

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