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Web2.0 Technologies
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Web2.0 Technologies

Objectives and Requirements
This course provides students with an overview of modern contemporary Web-based application development concepts, architectures and techniques, such as those commonly found in AJAX-based Web 2.0 rich internet applications (RIA).  The main objective is to equip students with practice skills in developing modern Web-based applications using latest state-of-the-art programming languages, tools and technologies. It will cover modern client-side technologies as well as server-side frameworks.
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1.            Explain key concepts and features in the design and architecture of modern Web 2.0 applications; 
2.            Use contemporary programming languages, technologies, and tools in developing modern Web-based applications; 
3.            Explain current trends in Web-based application development.

Advanced JavaScript programming; Modern JavaScript libraries and tools; Contemporary Web 2.0 concepts; AJAX architecture; Rich Internet Application (RIA); Python; Ruby and Ruby on Rails; Service-Oriented architecture (SOA); Other technologies, such as Flex. Air, Silverlight; Future Trends, such as Web 3.0.
Credits: 3
Prerequisite Course(s): Object-Oriented Programming and Fundamentals of Internet Applications Development.

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