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Topics on Computer Security
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Topics on Computer Security
Objectives and Requirements
This course is aimed at developing students a solid understanding in a range of topics in the area of computer and information security.  Student will acquire adequate understanding on threats of web applications and network, and acquire skill to specify and evaluate appropriate security measures for computer systems and software applications.
After learning the course, the students should be able to:
1. identify and analyze common threats and vulnerabilities of software and web applications;
2. classify and analyze common threats and vulnerabilities of network and systems;
3. identify and evaluate major countermeasures to software and web application, network and system attacks;
4. identify current issues in computer security.
The syllabus will evolve over time as current topics change.  The following are example keyword syllabus:  Security policies and legal issues; hardware security, OS security, file system protection, access control; Cryptographic tools; Identity and credential management, security administration; Hacking attacks and countermeasures, probing tools, malicious codes, virus, security administration; Evaluating system security, TCSEC, CC, secure computing platforms; programming for security, security development process; Database security; Incident and Intrusion handling; Mobile security.
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite Course(s): Problem Solving and Programming, Operating Systems and  Computer Networks

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