Compulsory Courses

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Objectives and Requirements
This course aims to provide an opportunity for students to explore individually an area of computing of their own choice.  It allows students to develop further their skill and knowledge of this area of interest.  It enables the exercise of good management methods to the planning, developing, and monitoring of progress.  It provides the context for students to demonstrate their ability to integrate computer related knowledge they have acquired in other preceding and concurrent courses of study, including the application of good technical and presentation skills.
After learning the course, the students should be able to:
1. recognize and describe real life, computer related problems; 
2. analyze and relate the above problems; and propose solutions to a current state of the art in their chosen area of computing; 
3. provide a proof-of-concept for their solutions by designing and developing computer systems that implement the solutions; 
4. design test cases and evaluate the developed systems in the light of the initial system requirements; 
5. document and report their system design process, research and evaluation findings using different communication media; 
6. plan, develop and monitor their project progress. 
Student will work on a computer science project under the supervision of a faculty member and submit a project report on the work carried out.
Credit(s): 10
Prerequisite Course(s): all

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