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Computer Networks
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Computer Networks
Objectives and Requirements
This course aims to introduce some of the fundamental concepts in data communication and computer networks.  The framework of the course is the layered architecture, with the network dependent layers and the transport layer as the main focus. Examples will be drawn liberally from the Internet to illustrate abstract concepts so that students can understand how a computer network actually works.
Data transmission.  Coding.  Modulation techniques.  Common network devices and configurations.  Layered network architecture:  The OSI and Internet TCP/IP reference models.  Data link layer: error control and flow control issues.  Sliding window protocols.  LANs and medium access protocols.  Network layer issues: addressing, routing, congestion and flow control.  Internetworking.  Transport layer issues.  Case study based on TCP/UDP and IP protocols.
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite Course(s): Nil

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