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Problem Solving & Programming
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Problem Solving & Programming

Objectives and Requirements
This course aims to equip the students with basic concepts and techniques of problem solving and programming using a high-level programming language; and to develop practical skills in solving problems with computer programs.
After learning the course, the students should be able to:
  1. analyze and modify simple computer programs;
  2. able to use common program development tools
  3. analyze simple problems and apply basic problem solving skills/techniques to construct programs with good structures
  4. practice good programming discipline
  5. apply advanced programming techniques in programming
Introduction to computers and programming.  Problem solving techniques.  The development of algorithms.  Program design.  Programming language control structures.  Fundamental data types. Dynamic data structures.  Object-oriented programming: data abstraction, classes and the class library.  Programming style.  Program testing.  Program documentation. 
Credit(s): 3
Prerequisite Course(s): Nil

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