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Acupuncture Treatment
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"Acupuncture Therapy" is a subject which studies the general principles of using acupuncture to treat the diseases, the integrated applications of Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medical diagnostics, acupoints study acupuncture and moxibustion basic knowledge and skills, and the clinical disciplines of acupuncture major. The course requires students to grasp the acupuncture treatment, therapy and acupuncture principles of acupuncture prescription methods on the basis of their understanding, as well as the common clinical disease, including the internal, surgical, gynecological, pediatric, orthopedic, dermatologists, and facial features such as emergency acupuncture treatment. Enable students to master the treatment of common diseases, at the same time, become familiar with the understanding and analyzing the treatment of diseases and the ways of thinking.
The teaching content consists of General, every chart, and appendix.
The General includes the roles of acupuncture treatment, the principles of acupuncture treatment, the outline of clinical syndrome differentiation and treatment of Acupuncture and moxibustion、compatibility of acupoints and prescriptions、 clinical application of special acupoints.
The theory include : internal disease, pediatric disease, gynecological disease, surgical disease, orthopedic disease, dermatologists disease, disease of eyes, ears, nose and throat,acute disease, other illnesses.
Appendices include Meridian Flowing, the progress of acupuncture clinical research, the writing of acupuncture clinical cases
Credits: 2


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