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Emergency Medicine
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Objectives :
This subject introduces the basis of emergency medicine, train students to know the basic emergency skills.
Emergency medicine is a marginal subject; it covers much basic and clinical medicine. It emphasizes diagnosis and treatment early. Effective first-aid not only can help patient last for long time, but also prevent re-hurt. It’s significative for advanced care. We apply close analog system to teaching emergency medicine. Simulates locale and practices students by simulacrum. The students should be cultivated first-aid ideas and logical thinking, independent judgment and problem solving abilities. Make students understand the common emergency medicine concepts and skills.
Emergency medical conspectus, emergency medical service system, first-aid skill, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, reinforcement, common emergency diseases, poisoning, traumatogy and common emergency medicaments. Emergency medicine should be hold out by social medical service system and people participating,  as so on traffic accident, mine accident , natural hazard etc. So the emergency medical service system is very important for first-aid.
Credits: 2

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