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General Oncology
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to provide a thorough theoretical understanding of cancer together with an in-depth and systematic understanding of current cancer treatments and cancer research.
enable students apply theoretical knowledge to the clinical medicine, and know primarily the
to understand epidemiology of cancer, definition and classication of carcinogens, basic mechanisms in neoplasm, the classification criteria, characteristics, prognosis of cancer, cancer grade and staging; the classification, applications of targeted therapy for cancer; to understand the goal of chemotherapy, to know the principles of combination chemotherapy for cancer, cytoreduction theory and mechanisms of drug resistance;  to understand the history of radio-oncology, and the basic theory and concept. its role and common side effects of radiotherapy, to understand the definition, classification, purpose and the main technologies of gene therapy, the principles and applications of stem cell transplantation; to know the diagnosis and therapy of complications; to understand the history, definition of palliative medicine; to know the features of late patients of cancer, and master the therapeutic principals; to understand the definitions, principals and modes of multi-modality therapy.
Credits: 2

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