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Medical Imaging
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Medical imaging is one of most developing branches on medical science recently. The technology of imaging has been developing rapidly, as changing with each passing day. Medical Imaging has offered more and more contribution to the clinic medicine.
The staff room has took the lead in starting the clinic imaging course in the country for the purpose of even more understanding about medical imaging to some medic of a certain clinic knowledge, choosing appropriate techniques and treatment of imaging well and truly, realizing the new development about imaging technology, and offering a learning chance to the medico of having a mind to gain the medical imaging’s and nuclear medicine’s master degree. Our department took this course first all around the country.
All the teachers in charge have clinical experience. The main contents are about their own research direction, such as the development of diagnostic imaging on the solitary pulmonary node, the process of diagnosing the central nervous system’s disease by the functional MRI, the comparing imaging of craniocerebral tumor ,ovary tumor and hepatic tumor, the anus and rectum disease with MRI, the development of diagnostic MRI on knee joint, the new progress of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and interventional technology, and so on..
Credits: 2

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