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Literature Retrieval & Utilization
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To truly comprehend what search and utilization of scientific information is, students need to learn and understand the basic theory and computer search. After the practical training, the ability of scientific information searching and utilizing will improve remarkably.
In order to achieve the teaching objectives, students are required to undertake information searching section with the help of computer.
Search and utilization of scientific information is a comprehensive course dealing with basic theory and searching practice. The basic theory includes the types of scientific information, method and effect of search, and searching systems of information. In this class, students will have the opportunities to learn how to utilize some kinds of data bases, including national scientific periodical data base, standard data base, national law data base, dissertation data base, EI data base and Web of Science. This course will also cover the teaching of some important website, for instance, state environmental protection administration of China and environmental protection of Guangdong province.
Credits: 1

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