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Medical Immunology
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Let the students to learn the composing and function of immune system, to study the newest technologies, methods and resent research achievements. Let the students to understand the newest research achievements and the application of the achievements in the domain of medicine and therapy, agriculture and so on. To cultivate students’ the creative thoughts and well-knet experiment skill. So they could manage the theory and assay of immunology in other subjects.
By studying the immunology, the students can grasp the base knowledge, conception , major theroy and the basic experiment technology of immunology systematically, and know the newest research achievements of immunology, and cultivate students’ creative thoughts to obtain the new knowledge and information.
The immunology systematically introduced the basic theory, basic technology and newest research achievements. The main teaching contents include:The immune system, Antigen, Antibody, Complement system, Immune response, Immune regulation, Major histocompatibility, Immunological Tolerance, Hypersensitivity, Autoimmune diseases and Tumor immunology, et al. 
Credits: 3

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