Compulsory Courses

Mental Health
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Objectives and requirements:
Psychiatry is a branch of clinical medicine, which plays an important role in clinical practice. In this subject, we have focused upon areas of psychiatry that the medical student needs to know in order to qualify as a medical doctor. This course is based on the symptoms and signs of psychiatric disorders. We focus on schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, etc, with details on the etiology, mechanism, clinical features, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment. By this course, students can identify and handle common mental disorders in future clinical work.
This course is mainly focused on signs, symptom, and diagnosis,assessment, mood disorders,anxiety and obsession disorders,schizophrenia and related disorders,child and adolescent psychiatry,drug and other physical treatments. Besides these, we also teach reaction to stressful experiences, eating and sleep disorders,and psychological treatment in clinical practice.
This description is applied to students of CM major in International School.
Credits: 2