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During the course,it is important to help the student to review the basic knowledge in order to understand the diagnostic contents and the clinical significance well. Therefore,the students can master essential theory and skills for diagnosing diseases. This can give a good base for further clinical course and researchers.
By lecturing in the class, bedside teaching, or case discussion, the teachers should instruct the students how to take the history, how to perform the physical examination, how to choose and conduct some laboratory and special investigations and then how to integrate all the information obtained to make a primary and reasonable diagnosis, and how to write a case record. Students should study hard and try to master the techniques including the mechanisms or pathogenesis of common symptoms, the approaches to and techniques of asking the patient's history, the common methods of physical examination, the mechanisms of typical signs and their clinical significance, the principles of laboratory examination and its clinical significance as well as its application indications, and cultivating the ability to analyze and synthesize clinical data, write complete in-patient case history, and present the primary diagnosis.
Diagnostics is a fundamental subject of clinical medicine which serves as a bridge between premedical and clinical medicine. It consists of theoretical diagnostics and laboratory diagnostics. The former trains’ ability to make a diagnosis by history taking, physical examination, writing medical record. The latter deals with common laboratory findings and associated investigations, and their clinical significance. This can give the students a good base of clinical medicine.
This description is applied to mainland students of CM, students of Stomatology and Nursing (3credits, 54 teaching hours); non-mainland students of CM major including those from International School (4credits, 72 teaching hours).
Credit: 3

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