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General Surgery
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Surgery is an important part of medical science, which plays a pivotal role in the development of medical science. It includes surgical pandect, operation, and familiar diseases. Surgical pandect expatiates surgical basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skill. Operation mainly trains students to keep rigorous concept of asepsis and to go on operative manipulation.
Surgery is a crucial bridge through which medical students study medicine from basic medicine to clinical medicine, is a compulsory course before learning every chapter of clinical surgery. Through the study of surgical pandect, medical students are required to grasp the most basic theories and skills of asepsis, electrolytes, fluid, and acid-base balance, blood transfusion, nutrition, shock, multiple organ failure, anaesthesiology, resuscitation, surveillance of intensive care patients, aching treatment, perioperative manipulations, surgical infection, surgical trauma, burning, microsurgery, orthopedics, organ transplantation and tumors in a series of surgical fields, and to foster the students’ capabilities of clinical thinking and science research. Surgical pandect is a base of surgical practice. Only firmly and adroitly grasp theories and skills of surgical pandect, can the students prepare for the further study of surgery, for the better understanding and mastering of surgery, and for further clinical practices.
The teaching process of surgical pandect consists of classroom teaching and experiments of surgical pandect. The teaching contents are required to integrate theory with practice, the medical achievements in the home country and oversea countries will be properly introduced, the integration of base with clinic will be focused on. The contents to be mastered will be deeply and clearly explained by teachers. The basic knowledge or theory should be thoroughly comprehended by the students that will be utilized in clinical practice. The contents to be known well should be interpreted, key points should be got hold of by the students on the base of thorough comprehension. The contents to be realized could be resumptively narrated, the students should have general realization. As the limit of total time, the capability of self-study will be enhanced to be trained, several chapters will be arranged in the way of self-study, the students are required to work hard, while teachers give guidance and answer questions.

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