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Infectious Diseases
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After this course of Infectious Disease, the students of international school can understand the definition and basic items, and further know the etiological characteristics, mechanism and pathology, epidemiology, main points of clinical manifestation, points of laboratory tests and examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and principle of treatment of the communicable diseases.
The aim is to improve the ability of analysis and logic for the students in the clinic. 
1. To ensure the scientific and systemic teaching in the course, the teachers should emphasize the concepts and definitions, and the importance of diagnosis and treatment of common communicable disease. It is so important for the students to keep these in mind, and use them skillfully.
2. To improve the quality of the course teaching, the teachers should connect practice closely and use some cases to discuss.
3. To raise and improve the ability of resolution and analysis to the problems in the learning, the teachers should aim at the key points firstly, use the heuristic, and try to teach refined and few contents in the course.
4. To change with every passing day, there is new onset of more communicable diseases. The teachers should know the current review of infectious disease and tell the students briefly.
General principle of infectious disease, viral hepatitis, bacillary dysentery, typhus fever, dengue fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, malaria, HIV infection/AIDS, sepsis syndrome

Credit: 1