Compulsory Courses

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To provide the medical students with the concepts, etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, prevention and therapy of common dermatological disorders.
To master the clinical presentation, diagnosis and therapy of common dermatological disorders, to be familiar with progress within dermatological field.
Clinical dermatology is a clinical science that has close relation with other clinical subjects. During the teaching process, we offer step by step course to medical students with emphasis on the combination of basic science and theory with clinical practice. The student will be able to describe the basic features and diagnostic methods for common Dermatologic disorders, broadly subdivided under the headings of Infectious, Inflammatory, Neoplastic, Autoimmune and Genetic Conditions. The student will be able to generate a meaningful differential diagnosis based upon morphology. The students are encouraged to learn by themselves and to discuss interested topics so as to gain the ability to solve clinical problem by themselves. Also, work ethic, responsibility and passion are introduced..
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