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Objectives and Requirement:

Epidemiology is a science that focuses on the distribution and determinants of disease frequency in human populations, strategies and measures of prevention, control of disease and improvement of health. Study object of Epidemiology take macro-population as starting point in consideration, including individual patient, colony patients and the corresponding colony bringing patients, study content compromise all kinds of basic theory 、 design and method of study type which needed by macro-analysis and micro-mechanism study.
Epidemiology is an important basic subject of prevention medicine and clinical medicine domain, not only an important methodology, but also an applied subject studying the occurrence 、 development 、 prevention and control of disease in population. It is an important tool which explore the causes of disease 、 develop disease control 、 improve health of population 、 constitute public health policy and strategies. Epidemiology is the most important subject in prevention medicine, which is important bridge and tie connecting medicine and prevention medicine.
The course content compromises definition of epidemiology and its evolvement and development, epidemiology and its related subject and application, distribution of disease, several basic design type of study method of epidemiology, prevention and control of countermeasure of disease and prevention and control measure, and epidemiology of related disease applied in practice in our country. On one hand it study all problems related to disease and health from the population angle; One the other hand it also provide scientific thinking manner and important research methods for medical scientific research. Its task is to make the medical students master basic principles and methods through teaching, and to study characteristic of study "natural evolution rule" artificial intervention and its effect evaluation. To realize the changes of care for patients from individual patient to colony angel, to analyze systematically, totally and completely from the higher levels, to solve health problems and be able to apply the epidemiology methods on carrying out clinical research. To found the basis for cultivating science research capacity of clinical physician, to guide the students to profoundly understand the thoughts of integrate, colony point of view and putting prevention first of public health, to firmly establish point of view of putting prevention first, to make the students adapt to the need of work guidelines of Prevention Medicine in new era, to serve for health service of People.
Evaluations could be conducted in exam, quiz, homework, class discussion etc.
Credit: 2

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