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Central Banking
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"Central Banking" is a discipline for studying the modern economic and financial operation rules and discussing on the mechanism of economic and financial development from the macro view. Its object is to teach the specialist financial professionals to senior students, is a financial professional course.  The teaching of this course is to equip students with the central bank's basic theory and basic knowledge, to enhance the awareness of the important position and role of central bank in the modern economic system, to familiar with the operations of Central Bank, to master the basic theory and methods of Central Bank for making and implementing the monetary policy, and of supervising and managing the financial industry's, to observe and analyse the overall economic situation and financial operations from a macro point, and to raise the capacity and ability of understanding and grasping the rules of economic and financial development.

The course is one of backbone courses of financial profession. Students should have a certain knowledge base of political economics, monetary banking or so before learning the course. Topics will include the basic theory of the Central Bank, the operations of Central Bank, the central bank's monetary policy and regulation, the central bank's financial supervision. It analyse the system, the role and operation
mechanism of central bank theoretically, review the practical experiences of macro-control and supervision of China's central bank and learn from the experience of foreign central banks, combine vertical and horizontal analysis, and enhance the the student’s ability to analyse issues and to solve problems .
"Central Banking" is a course that is both strong in theory and application ,so in teaching methods, we should use of classroom lectures, case analysis, classroom discussions and self-manner.
Credits: 3

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