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Financial Engineering
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This cource is a selective course for the major of Finance. Students should learn Currency and Banking; International Finance; Financial Markets first. Financial Engineering is an applied economic theory cource, and  a new branch of Finance theory, which creatively solve financial problem by designing, producing and supplementing new financial products with approach of engineering. The cource integrates the modern finance theory, information technology and engineering thoughts into one framework, As a result, it has made a great influence on the industry of Finance and on the economic practive of the whole world.
Through the learning , Students should grasp the fundamental principle of the derivate finance products such as forward, future, option and swap, get a systematic master of the fundamental principle of the pricing of the finance products; get an understanding of the fundamental principle of the hedging by using the derivate finance products
There are main points such as : financial markets, assets pricing, financial tools, bonds and stocks, forward and future, financial swap, financial option, real option and value creation.
Credits: 3

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