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Management of International Finance
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This course is designed to help the students to have a systematic comprehension about the international financial management.Through a one-semester study, the students should understand the major contents of the international financial management of multinational corporations,such as  the measurement and management of exchange rate risk,the MNC’s management of short-term assets and liabilities,capital structure decisions,multinational capital budgeting,and so forth.The students are asked to master the basic principles and methods of the MNC’s international financial management,which will lay a fundation for their practice and further study in the future.
The  focal contents of this course  includes the main concepts ,basic principles and management methods which are presented in each chapter. The students should master and be familiar with these contents. Some graphs and boxed examples are used to  show and explain these contents,that may make the topics and theories seem more vivid.
 The material of this course is organized into eight chapters:Chapter 1,An overview of international financial management; Chapter 2, The management of exchange rate risk;Chapter 3, The management of International operating capital stock;Chapter 4, The management of International operating capital flow; Chapter 5, The capital structure of international enterprises; Chapter 6, Long-term financing;Chapter 7,Direct foreign investment; Chapter8, The financial analysis of international enterprises.
Credits: 3

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