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Financial Markets
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This cource is a obligatory course for the major of Finance. Students should learn Currency and Banking; International Finance first. Financial Markets is an applied economic theory cource, it aims to teach the students the mechanism of the financial markets proceeding ,to let students know the subject and object of the financial markets, to let students grasp the approach of analyzing and solving the financial problems, to enhance the ability of students to solve financial problems, and to make a thorough basis to study other financial courses.
through the learning , Students should grasp the basic factors of the financial markets and the relationship between them; get a systematic master basic conception , basic theory, basic practice approach about the financial markets; get an understanding of the fundamental principle of the practice of the financial markets and analyze the Chinese financial markets with these theory .
There are main points such as : Currency markets, capital markets, derivate markets, term structure of interest rate, pricing of the bonds and stocks, financial markets regulation
Credits: 3
Prerequisite Course:  International Finance, Money and Banking

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