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Natural Medicinal Chemistry
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Natural medicinal chemistry is a course which is applying modern theories and methods of chemistry to study chemical compositions in natural medicines, with purpose of researching on safe and effective natural products and new derivatives. It is also to discover the same kind of constituents basing on elucidated components and the genetic relationship of plants so as to enlarge medicine resources, uncover novel effective compositions, study rules of active ingredient change in growth, and raise quality of Chinese herbs. All the above are for developing novel drugs and implementing the modernization of traditional Chinese medicines.
The course requires students to master basic theories and techniques of extraction, isolation, structure elucidation, physico-chemical properties of chemical constituents and/or physiological compounds in natural medicines. It demands students understand major principles and methods in structure identification of natural medicinal chemical constituents in order to search ways of discovering active ingredients in Chinese herbs and settle base for developing the study of new drugs.
Total hours of the course is 54 h for class teaching.
The course is specialized optional for students major in pharmacy.
Credits: 3


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