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Cell and Molecular Biology
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Cell biology and molecular biology are the most rapid moving fields in life science near several decades. Although the research object and experimental methods of cell biology and molecular biology are not fulfill a homology, they both research the life phenomenon and its rule on the whole individual level, the cell level and the molecular level respectively, and these researches on various levels contact and permeate mutually.
For adapting the demand of the course system reform of high medicine education to face to 21 century, this course tries to merge the contents of traditional cell biology and molecular biology into an integral whole. From the study of this course, students could grasp the basic concepts and principles of structure, biology function and the correlation between structure and function of the cell on the macroscopically, microstructural and molecular levels respectively, and grasp the rules of store, deliver and regulation of genetic information, and grasp the dynamic state variety rules of the cell during the carrying out life activity. From the study of this course, we hope it will help students to lay a solid foundation for further studying professional course of other pharmacies.
This course includes three greatly parts of contents totally, namely the structure and function of the cell, the store, deliver and regulation and control of genetic information, and the cell cycle, cell differentiation and development, proliferation and decrepitude. This course takes the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic technique of the cell biology and the molecular biology as the teaching point, tries to reasonably arrange the structure system of the cell and molecular biology, more comprehensively generalize the main contents of the cell and molecular biology.
Credits: 3

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