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Searching Pharmaceutical Literatures
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This course is a optional course for the students majoring in pharmacy. This course is based on both theoretical and practical knowledge summarized from information searching and utilizing. It introduces systemically the basic conceptions, theories, and searching skills. Students are required to grasp relative basic theories, knowledge and skills to find useful information and literature in future study and research.
Main points of this course include: Basic Concepts of Information Searching,Information Chain,information diathesis,Tertiary Sources ,library website,databases system,foreign language periodicals searching system, Boolean Operators, Proximity Operators,Electronic Journal,Index Databases,abstract Databases,full-text Databases, online resources of pharmacy litature

The prelection is adopted as the main teaching method, which uses English only. Credit hours add up to 18h in total. Preview, review and exercise are necessary. Learning by oneself is recommended and the final exam is carried out at the end of the term. The final exam will be an exam with closed book; the final exam score consists of 70% of the final score; the students’ usual performance consists of 30% of the final score.

Credits: 1

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