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Organic Chemistry
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Organic chemistry is a basic science which studies in composing, structures, properties, reactions and preparations of organic compounds. It is a compulsory course of pharmacy students. The teaching objectives of this course are to endow students with systematic and full understanding of organic chemisty knowledge, basic theories and experimental skills. Improve students the abilities of analysing and solving problems. This will help students to establish the essential theory bases for undertaking science research and technique works in correlative fields.
1. Names and structures of organic compounds, and steric structures, isomery and conformation.
2. Analyze the relationship between structures and properties of general organic compounds by using the structure theory of organic compounds.
3. Typical organic reactions and examples such as the reactions of substitution, addition, elimination and oxidation-reduction , learn reacting types, and get knowing the knowledge correlating to biochemistry and medical fields.
4. The mechanisms and characters of basic organic reactions, find the same characteristic rules from the looked different reactions. Learn the different knowledge by comparison. Intensify the understanding of learning.

5. Learn the chemical methods to separate and identify general organic compounds and functional groups. Deduct the structures of organic compounds from the experimental results.

Credits: 4

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