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Physical Chemistry
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This course is aimed at studying some first courses: inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, on the basis of use physics and mathematics of the theory and methods to further study the universal law of movement form of chemical substances. Physical chemistry focused on chemical reactions and resolve in the direction and extent of the problem, chemical reaction rate and mechanism of the problem.
The program requires students to master the basic physical chemistry principles and methods, theory with practical application, through courses of study, improve students to analyze issues and the ability to solve problems.
The courses mainly include chemical thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, symptoms and colloid chemistry and chemical kinetics of basic knowledge, principles and methods. Through classroom lecture, self-study, classroom discussions, exercises classes, examinations et al, reaching our teaching goals. It is enable students to master the basic requirements of every chapter. A chapter (preliminary statistical thermodynamics) is to deepen understanding of the macro and micro nature of the links between nature. This chapter will be no basic requirements, leaving students self-study.
To foster the students to work independently, it should be taught basic elements prioritizing attention to the systematic principle, focused on teaching the important and difficult points. For the chapters with an asterisk (*), it should be choice according to the actual teaching situation or as extracurricular reading materials.
Exercise is an important aspect of teaching, two school hours arrangements for each chapter. In addition, having 36 hour experimental teaching, the purpose of which is to book the theoretical knowledge and experimental practice, perceptual knowledge and rational organic combination. It is better to understand the basic theoretical knowledge.
Credits: 3

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