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Human Anatomy
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The course is to study the normal morphology and structures of human body. It is an important basic course for clincal medicine. Students will master locations and shapes of organs and the relationships between different organs of human body. Students also need to master the ability to dissect and observe the specimen.The course will provide a basis for other preclinical and clinical study.
  • To know normality, variation and anomality.
  • To know how to describe the structures of human body.
  • To know the relationships between the structure and function, internal structure and surface landmark.
  • To know the development of the organ.
  • To master the composition, structures and functions of the organs of human body.
  • To identify the bony and muscular landmarks.
  1. Self-study. Students were required to pactice specimen and read textbook by themselves for accomplishing their objectives. Teachers only introduce some important contents except the nervous sytsem.
  2. Basic skill. Students were required to systematically observe and state the gross and microscope structures of human organs. Students should master to dissect, peel off, expose and check organs.
  3. Exercise students’ ideation and let them know relations between sectional anatomy and clinical medicine through dicussing the case.
  4. Students were organized to attend study group, which read references, write review and report them.
  5. Students were organized to attend scientific reseach group, which train students in the scientific reseach skills under the supervise of teachers with full expericence.
  6. Foreign language. Students master the anatomical terms and words from reference.
Include introduction, locomotor system, splanchnology, angiology, sensory organs, nervous system and endocrine system.
Credits: 2

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