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Pharmaceutical Analysis
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Pharmaceutical analysis is a technology science on the study and development of drug quality control as well as an important compulsory course in teaching plan of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical analysis is based on organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and other relative courses. It chiefly investigate the quality control methods of synthetic drug, natural product and their preparations with definite chemical structure as well as typical Chinese drugs preparation, biochemical drugs and their preparations by chemical, physicochemical or biochemical methods and techniques, and provide strict and specified quality control standard with scientific analytical methods and valid modern analytical techniques in the overall quality control process concerning development, production, supply and clinical application of drug as well as research of new drug in order to guarantee the safety, rationality, efficacy and controllability of medication.
The students are cultivated to have the concept concerning the importance of overall quality control of drug as well as to grasp general method & knowledge skill in solving fundamental problems of quality control of drug and possessing the initial ability to establish definite analytical methods and stipulate drug quality standards so as to be able to undertake the development, manufacture and supply of drug in pharmaceutical practice and the work of pharmaceutical analysis in clinical use of pharmacy.

Students are required: to understand the importance of pharmaceutical analysis in pharmacy and develop the concept of overall quality control and administration of drug; to learn and master the commonly used analytical methods and experimental techniques in Ch.P, including identification, impurity test and assay of drugs, as well as correct usage of commonly used analytical instruments by experiment so as to develop their scientific attitude and skillful experimental skill; to be familiar with the quality standard of common drugs and their preparation included in Ch.P; to master the fundamental principle, methods and general rule of analytical technique of drugs and their preparations as well as accomplish drug quality test by using pharmacopoeia skillfully according to the relationship among chemical structure, physicochemical properties and analytical methods of drugs; to be familiar with the establishment of analytical method and the evaluation of all efficacy parameters; to understand the quality guideline of determination and quality control of drugs, and possess some theory knowledge and actual work ability in stipulation and consummation of drug standard; to understand the content of stipulation of drug standard as well as the application and development of modern analytical methods and techniques in pharmaceutical analysis.

Credits: 3