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Objectives and Requirements:
Pharmaceutics, which is one of the important specialty compulsory course for students major in Pharmacy, is a comprehensive practical technique discipline which relates to studies on basic theory, formulation design, preparing process, quality control and reasonable application of pharmaceutical preparations.  The aim of Pharmaceutics is to produce safe, effective and stable pharmaceutical preparations which are convenient for use.  Before it is applied in clinic, any kind of medicament should be prepared as a safe, effective and stable administration form suitable for patients’ use, namely dosage form.  Pharmaceutics is the necessary route for the research fruits in pharmacy to achieve the production transformation and thus to contribute to human health.  Study of Pharmaceutics may provide the students with indispensable basic specialty knowledge, which lets them to develop smoothly and progress continuously in their future careers on pharmaceutical research, manufacture and supplying.  Therefore, the teaching objectives and requirements of Pharmaceutics is as follows:
To enable the students to master the basic knowledge of various pharmaceutical dosage forms, such as the definition, characteristics and properties, quality requirements, reasonable application and so on; to understand well dosage form design and the theoretical knowledge and operation skills for preparation and manufacture of various dosage forms; to master the methods for quality control of pharmaceutical preparations and be able to make right evaluation on their quality.   
The main teaching contents include 3 parts: general introduction to pharmaceutical dosage forms (General Pharmaceutics), physicochemical principles of pharmaceutics (Physical Chemistry), New Techniques and Novel Dosage Forms of Pharmaceutics.  The key points and main areas of difficulty for teaching are as follows:
(1) Key Points:
a. To master the basic knowledge and theory of various ordinary dosage forms, such as definition, characteristics, classification, preparation methods, quality evaluation and so on.;
b. To understand well the manufacturing equipments and machines for the ordinary dosage forms, primary theories of Physical Pharmaceutics, and the advanced accomplishments of scientific research in Pharmaceutics;
c. To know the developing direction and promising future of scientific research in Pharmaceutics.  
(2) Main Areas of Difficulty:
a. Understanding of theories of Physical Pharmaceutics and their application in different kinds of dosage forms;
b. Understanding of the basic theories about the design, preparation, formation, drug release and application of new techniques and novel dosage forms of Pharmaceutics, for example, sustained release, controlled release, targeting drug delivery systems.
Credits: 3.5

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