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Food Biotechnology
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Objectives and Requirements:
Food biotechnology is one of major selective courses of Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety. Biotechnology takes Gene Engineering as guide, Fermentation Engineering and Enzyme Engineering as core and includes Cell Engineering and Protein Engineering. It enhances the technological contents of food industry and becomes the core techniques. It is a basic requirement for specialists who have mastered the techniques of Food Engineering and can apply biotechnology to food processing because of the extensive and penetrating utilization in the food industry field of biotechnology.
After learning this course, the students can comprehend the basic theory, operation method of modern biotechnology and its application in food industry, and can systematically know about the research direction and development of food biotechnology. The fundamental mission of this course is to devise and produce the new food or food materials with new methods combined modern biotechnology and other knowledge in the basis of the research outcomes from modern life science.
The teaching contents conclude gene engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, protein engineering, fermentation engineering, down stream biological techniques and their application in food industry.

Credit(s): 2

Prerequisite Course(s): Biochemistry, Food Chemistry

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