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Food Enzymes
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Objectives and Requirements:

The course aims at providing detailed background information on enzymatic conversion processes with relevance to the food industry. It covers basic and applied aspects of the enzymology important to food systems. The basic aspects of the course include: methods of measuring enzymatic activities; extraction of enzymes from microbial, plant and animal systems; methods of enzyme purification and characterization; and regulation of enzyme activities by activators, inhibitors, and by covalent modification. Applied aspects of the course focus on enzymes used by the food industry and methods for controlling endogenous enzyme activities
Introduction; principle of enzymatic reactions; introduction to enzyme kinetics; amylases and glucose isomerase; other carbodrases; proteases; esterases; lysozyme and glucose oxidase; other oxidoreductases; production of enzymes; extract, isolation and purification of enxymes; immobilized enzymes; modification of enzymes; application of enzymes in food analysis; the relationship between enzymes and food hygiene and safety; advancement and perspectives of food enzymology.
Credit(s): 3 (2 Lecture+1 Lab)
Prerequisite Course(s):  Food Microbiology, Biochemistry

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