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Feed Additives
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The course of Feed Additives mainly introduces to undergraduates some technologies on different kinds of feed additives including production, application and management. This course also supplies some basic knowledge on how to select feed additives and design feed premixes.
Students should get the knowledge of the major kinds of feed additives including nutritive additives, non-nutritive additives, how to use them, how to produce feed premixes and manage premixe mill, and how to design and apply feed additives formula.
1. Students are required to realize that the role of feed additives in animal science and animal production.
2. Students are particularly required to understand the effects and the usages of nutritive additives and non-nutritive additives.
3. Quality control and management of feed additives
4. Students are required to master the principles and standards of feed additives.
5. Students are required to know the development of feed additives around the world.
1. The Introduction of feed additives, and feed premix
2. Produce-methods of feed additives
3. Nutritive additives (Amino acid additives, Vitamin additives, Mineral element additives,   Other nutritive additives)
4. Non-nutritive additives (Medicinal feed additives, Enzymes , Probiotics, Feed acidifiers, Feed preservatives, Other non-nutritive additives)
5. Chinese herbal additives
6. Carriers and Diluents
7. Feed premix additives design
8. Production of Feed premix additives
9. Quality control and management of feed premix
10. Food safety and Environmental protection
Credit(s): 2
Prerequisite Course(s): Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

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