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Food Resources
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Objectives :
To fully and systemically understand all kinds of food materials, to understand the classifying, preserving, transporting, processing and determining of general food, and then develop necessary skills for practical food manufacturing. 
Always concerning the latest developments in the disciplines .A united teaching methods will be apply such as multimedia teaching, visiting food manufactory and sample rooms of agricultural universities , holding seminar, et al ,so that students can understand knowledge about this field easily and happily.
Contents :
An Comprehensive systemic introduction of the basic knowledge about the physico-chemical, biochemical, nutrition, processing characteristics , the production and circulation of a variety of food materials (including cereal raw materials, animal products, vegetables, fruits, oils and fats, aquatic food resources); especially focused on the edible quality , prominent use and processing of food materials based on the food processing and food consumption perspective ,and also the knowledge about the current food new materials, new food additive content is introduced.
Credits: 2

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