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General Physics
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General Physics aims to make the students have a broad view of various physical phenomena and their inner relationship, and meanwhile understand the basic physical concepts and theories. Through this course we also hope to make the students form the good habit of study and thinking, learn the way of scientific research and have the ability of independent self-study.
Students are required to understand the basic concepts, principles and laws of general physics and apply what they learn to the real problem after finishing this course. We also expect the students to be edified by the physics style and get use to the physical way of thinking.
Mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, wave optics, modern physics. The specific contains: kinetics of point-like particle, Newton's laws, the law of momentum conservation, the law of energy conservation, the rotation of rigid body, fundamentals of thermodynamics, kinetics in gas, static electrical field, conductor and dielectric medium in static electrical field, static magnetic field, magnetic medium, direct current electricity, electromagnetic induction effect, mechanism vibration, wave optics, special relativity and quantum physics.
Credit(s): 4
Prerequisite Course(s):  Advanced  Mathematics

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