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Food Microbiology
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The objective of this course is to teach the basic concepts and experimental skills in microbiology to food-science and relative major students. After this course study, students should be able to develop a general understanding of and a good appreciation for the food microbiological world. Microbiology is the basic science of food- microbiology. The course is divided into two main parts: Foundation of Microbiology and Food Microbiology.
Student  are required to understand and master the food relative microorganisms, their morphology, structure and function, the nutrient, growth and metabolism of microorganisms. Understanding the basic knowledge and principles on microbial genetics. Mastery of the foundational microbial experimental skills and food microbial detection skills, including the modern developed methods on food microbial detection techniques. This course will set up a good foundation of food microbiology which is useful for the further study and practical work.
The course focus on introducing the microbial morphology and structure, principal of life cycle, microbial nutrient and metabolism, principal of microbial genetics, microbial ecology and taxonomic system, the relationship and the interactions between food and microorganisms, microbial food control technique and principal, detection techniques, and so on. The difficult point may be the principal of microbial life cycle, morphology and biological structure and function, the unique metabolisms pathway in microorganisms and their genetics characteristics.

Credit(s): 2

Prerequisite Course(s): None

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