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Public Finance
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Public finance is an applied theoretic branch, which plays a role in linking up the general theory courses and public finance course in the discipline system. It is a basic specialized course for students whose major is economics. The teaching target of this curriculum is to draw support from Marx's methodology, expound basic knowledge and theories of public finance, help widening students’ thought of analyzing problems, provide principles and methods of solving problems, in order to lay good theoretic foundation for future study.


This curriculum mainly divides into four parts. The first part is about financial theories, mainly introduces governmental activities' limitation, range, goal, financial function,supply and manufacture of  public demands and product in mixed economy. The second part is financial outlay, mainly presents classification, principles, content of financial expenditure and analyses of financial scale and structure. The third part is financial revenues, briefly recommends financial revenues’ classification, scale and structure, taxation theory and elements of taxation policy, theory and policies of national debt. The forth part is financial policies, mainly introduces basic problems of financial deficit, financial balance and financial policies.

Credits: 3

Prerequisite Course: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

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