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Public Relations
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Public relations is an integrated application of scientific disciplines and organizations to establish good communication between public relations and community organizations establish a good image for the purpose. Open public relations purpose is to enable students to master the basic theory of public relations, public relations familiar with the main skills.
The main courses taught public relations theory and practice, the basic theory of public relations, public relations focuses on the definition, characteristics, guidelines, the subject of development, basic functions, public relations agencies, public relations audience analysis, public relations activities and the steps, the typical public relations activities on enterprise management role. Public relations substantive part of the public relations theory focused on the specific application of enterprise management, improve their public relations concepts and consciously using the public relations theory has spread awareness of the organizations (or individuals) image information, product information, and shaping organizations image; Coordination internal and external relationships, communication organizations the link with the outside public, for the survival and development organizations to create a good public environment.
Credits: 2

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