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Management Information System 2
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Objectives and Requirements:

Management Information Systems 2 [MS2] is the second of two courses in management information systems in the CGA program of professional studies. Where Management Information Systems 1 [MS1] was concerned with providing an overview of information technology and the process of building systems in organizations, MS2 presents a more strategic view of the management issues in working with information systems in organizations.

MS2 is designed to assist you in developing professional competence and skills in the following technology-related areas:

  • your technical knowledge of information systems
  • your design and evaluation of strategies to meet the organization's financial reporting, management, and control requirements
  • your function as a bridge between information systems professionals and end-users
  • your contribution to the design, development, and implementation of information systems

In addition, you will continue to enhance your problem-solving, communication, and team development skills, as well as your professional and ethical judgment.


Strategic Importance of IS, Information systems planning issues, Systems Development Life Cycle and Systems Analysis Phase, Systems and Process Design, Systems Implementation, Testing, and Support, Internet, Extranet, and Intranet, Electronic Commerce and EDI, Managing Telecommunications and Networks, IT Operational and Security Issues and Human Side of IS Management.

Credits:  3

Prerequisite Course(s): Management Information Systems 1

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