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International Accounting
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Objectives and Requirements:

On completion of this course, students should be able to:

·  Understand basic accounting concepts and principles; be able to apply them in practice.

·  Analyze the transaction incurred in the normal operating cycle of the entity and record them in the accounts

·  Present balance sheet, income statement

·  Make financial analysis based on the financial statements.

This book is aim to guide the student how to read and present accounts under the IAS in English. It focus on teaching basic concepts and main financial statements, therefore there are no any requires of specific knowledge basis on this field.


Introduction to Accounting and Business, Analyzing Transactions, The Matching Concept and the Adjusting Process, Completing the Accounting Cycle, Accounting Systems and Internal Controls, Accounting for Merchandising Businesses, Cash, Receivables, Inventories, Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets, Current Liabilities, Corporations: Organization, Capital Stock Transactions and Financial Statement Analysis.

Credits: 2

Prerequisite Course(s): Accouting

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